May Update

May 07, 2022

Akash-Audit Update

• Akash-Audit pledged to not sell any validator commission for the remainder of 2022 in an attempt to voluntarily stabilize price for continued adoption. We have kept this pledge. Validator Wallet Link:  

• Akash-Audit deleted its Twitter accounts. We made this decision for numerous reasons, but they boil down to a few main concepts. 1) Akash-Audit is primarily a backend effort. We communicate with the Akash team and Providers; the visible aspect of Akash-Audit, a signature indicating a successful audit, is presented to users through FE-based services like Mintscan and Akashlytics. 2) Auditing, by nature, is invasive and involves sensitive details about technical configurations, we want to limit this information on unencrypted platforms like Twitter. 3) Twitter is a useful marketing tool, but we’d prefer to focus on the audits and leave the politics aside, even if it means less growth for our personal brand. 4) We are still available for contact through our website, Discord, Praetor, or through our business email. My personal business email is Feel free to reach out anytime!    

• Akash-Audit submits proposal #16 to fund the Community Awards Board (CAB). The proposal passed with 81.94% voting yes. Since Akash-Audit received funding from the CAB, we will not receive any additional funding to prevent a conflict of interest with our proposal and involvement with the CAB. At this time, we are financially stable without need for further funding.    

• Akash-Audit votes yes on proposals #16, #17, and #18    

• Akash-Audit Validator updated for Mainnet 3.Mintscan - Chain explorer by COSMOSTATIONCosmos explorer powered by Cosmostation, Supports Cosmos, Kava, Iris, Starname. Kava Explorer. Iris explorer. Starname explorer.

• Distributed Ledger Inc. became the first organization to pass our full audit. Dozens of vulnerabilities were patched and their security assessment rating was improved five-fold. They have a competent team who is well worth hosting with. Check our their signature here:    

• Akash-Audit, along with other CAB members, privately funds aspiring developer with startup grant:    

• Akash-Audit integrates with vetted rule sets to provide reliable PCI DSS and GDPR compliance.    

• Akash-Audit met with government officials in Washington, D.C. to discuss the Cosmos SDK, IBC, and Akash.